Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to Garage Sale for Adoptions 2009

Adoption is a gift from God!! Unfortunately, it's expensive. By donating, volunteering and shopping at this event you will help two families pay fees for adoption and help bring THREE precious children to their forever families!!!

The first family, Brian and Cindy adopted thier first child, Emma Marie at birth. Emma was even born on Cindy's birthday! WE have an amazing relationship with her birthmom and are so blessed by adoption. We are now adopting our second child. After waiting 2 years for a girl from China, we recently switched to domestic adoption for another infant due to increased wait times in China. We still feel we are following God's awesome plan for our family. We are amazed at the plans HE has for our family. We could receive a call any day for a baby!! We really wanted to find another family that is adopting and needed assistance with their adoption fees so we could include them in this garage sale. WE are SO excited to have found a family that is adopting a SIBLING group!!

The second family, Matt and Laura will be adopting a sibling group from Asia. Matt and I are adopting a sibling group from Southeast Asia. "Adoption is our first choice for starting our family. Orphan care has always been a passion of mine and God began to change Matt's heart towards adoption shortly after we began volunteering with our church youth group. Through that experience we both realized that God had given us hearts that overflowed with love for other people's children. Adoption, for us, is not rooted in pity or charity but in equity and justice and love." They are also trying to raise funds by selling hats Laura knits herself. The hats are absolutely ADORABLE. Check out the link at

Please scroll down to see the following:

I live out of town and want to help

Volunteer opportunities (pickups, set up, various jobs at event and breakdown)


How to donate items to sell

Where to drop off your items

How to help feed the AWESOME volunteers

Other ways to help (advertising, make signs, etc.)

Cash Donations

Free Babysitting during the event at KidsTown for volunteers

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