Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check Out the AWESOME
Raffle Items and Services!
Online Sales end Saturday, April 4th at 2pm!!!!
Scroll down to bottom to view raffles
Much thanks to all the individuals and businesses that graciously donated!!
Now everyone can get raffle tickets, even if they can't attend.

You can also use the DONATE button to simply donate. We will use those funds for advertising, supplies, and the adoption fund. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Please Help Spread the Work by Printing and Distributing this flyer at work, school, church and more!!!
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to Garage Sale for Adoptions 2009

Adoption is a gift from God!! Unfortunately, it's expensive. By donating, volunteering and shopping at this event you will help two families pay fees for adoption and help bring THREE precious children to their forever families!!!

The first family, Brian and Cindy adopted thier first child, Emma Marie at birth. Emma was even born on Cindy's birthday! WE have an amazing relationship with her birthmom and are so blessed by adoption. We are now adopting our second child. After waiting 2 years for a girl from China, we recently switched to domestic adoption for another infant due to increased wait times in China. We still feel we are following God's awesome plan for our family. We are amazed at the plans HE has for our family. We could receive a call any day for a baby!! We really wanted to find another family that is adopting and needed assistance with their adoption fees so we could include them in this garage sale. WE are SO excited to have found a family that is adopting a SIBLING group!!

The second family, Matt and Laura will be adopting a sibling group from Asia. Matt and I are adopting a sibling group from Southeast Asia. "Adoption is our first choice for starting our family. Orphan care has always been a passion of mine and God began to change Matt's heart towards adoption shortly after we began volunteering with our church youth group. Through that experience we both realized that God had given us hearts that overflowed with love for other people's children. Adoption, for us, is not rooted in pity or charity but in equity and justice and love." They are also trying to raise funds by selling hats Laura knits herself. The hats are absolutely ADORABLE. Check out the link at

Please scroll down to see the following:

I live out of town and want to help

Volunteer opportunities (pickups, set up, various jobs at event and breakdown)


How to donate items to sell

Where to drop off your items

How to help feed the AWESOME volunteers

Other ways to help (advertising, make signs, etc.)

Cash Donations

Free Babysitting during the event at KidsTown for volunteers
Volunteers and Donations Needed
We still need around 10 volunteers!!!
As of Friday, April 3rd the biggest needs are:
1. Set Up/pricing help on Friday-No need to sign up anymore, just show up!!! ;)
2. Clothes Racks
3. Fill remaining positions during sale on Friday and Saturday
4. We would LOVE to fill the SIGN HOLDER positions as that will help draw in more shoppers!!!
5. Help with Breakdown from 2-5 on Saturday

If you would like to make a cash donation,
we will apply to advertising costs as well as the adoption fund.

Please email if you can help with:
1. Distributing flyers in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley or Windsor.
2. Making boxes/containers for raffle tickets to be placed in for each raffle item (Kristi F)
3. Making signs to hang at garage sale (Jenni and Chandler)
4. Submitting ads for newspapers (fees can be reimbursed)
5. Other ideas? Let us know!

Thursday, April 2nd 2009

Group of guys to:
*Do pick ups around town
*Receive donations in parking lot
*Set up tables and move stuff in to gym from 8:30-9:30
Pick ups around town and set up at 8:30
We need to borrow a trailer -Ray Hupp
1. Kurt Friesen
2. James Wade
3. Jason George
5. Ray Hupp
6. Brian Siebert
7. JC Carter
8. John Larsen @ 7:30
9.John's friend
10. One guy NEEDED to stay at church to help unload cars as donations come in (4:30-8:30 or whenever you can arrive)
11.Tiffany Schrieber (8:30-10:00 set up)
12. Cindy and Laura (pricing as things arrive)
Friday, April 3rd 2009 to add your name to the volunteer list please email us at with your desired timeslot and we'll add your name.

Set Up, Organize and Price
help with set up is where we need the MOST help
Men & women needed

Attention MOMS- KidsTown babysitting is full for Friday. However if several more of you need babysitting, moms can just take turns sitting with kids at Summitview. If you are interested, please indicate that. Another option would be (several moms are doing this) is alternate shifts and babysitting with other moms at each other's houses. There is still plenty of KidsTown spots available for Saturday.

1. Kristi Friesen (8:45-11:15)
2. Matt Sullivan (8-2)
3. Nicole Ranstrom (9-1)
4.Jenni George (9-1)
5. Christy Fagerlin (9-11:45)
6.Shelly Deakins
7. Heather Forrester (9-12:30)
8. Robin Egger
9. Hannah Knecht
10. Nancy Burke (come in around 10am)
11.Lyndsey Lewis (until 11)
Set Up/Organize and price
1. Betsy Barber
2. Michelle Wade
3. Shannon Brown (until 2:45)
4. Kirsten Kaines
5. Sam Alvarado
6. Cindy Tucker
7. Shelli Majeski
8. Jenny Mann
9. Kay Gladstone

Do You Need Babysitting? KidsTown is graciously donating babysitting for moms that help out for up to 8 kiddos on Friday!! Please email to get your children signed up. Space is limited, so don’t wait on this! You can drop your child off ½ hour before your shift begins and pick up ½ hour after it ends. KidsTown opens at 8:30 am on Friday so feel free to adjust your sign up times to make this work for you. KidsTown is liscensed and owned by a Christian woman I trust. I met her through mops and kids love this place!!

Kids Town Babysitting for Friday (Sorry KidsTown is FULL for Friday. Plenty of Spaces for Saturday though)
Child Name Parent Name Drop off and Pick up Times
1. Raef George/Drop off at 8:30 Pick up at 1:30
2. Rohen George/Drop off at 8:30 Pick up at 1:30
3. Aneka Ranstrom/Drop off at 8:45 Pick up at 1:15
4. Merek Ranstrom/ Drop off at 8:45 Pick up at 1:15
5. Jackson Fagerlin/Drop off around 8:30 Pickup around 12:15
6. Audrey Forrester/Drop off at 8:30 Pick up at 1:00
7. Joshua Forrester same as Audrey

8. Gentry Knecht
9. Benson Porbaix
Friday, April 3rd to add your name to the volunteer list please email us at with your desired timeslot and we'll add your name


1. Jenn Murphy (until 8pm)
2. Chris Murphy (until 8pm)
3. Phyllis Mortensen
Raffle Table
1. Cindy Siebert and Laura Sullivan to rotate Raffle Table/Overseeing event (Adoptive Moms!)

Roamer/Re-organizing throughout sale
1. Jill Franklin
2. Kristi Friesen
3. Betsy Barber
4. Matthew Neswold

Sign Holder out on Drake (attract peope on the street, it's fun!) 5-7pm

All Volunteers- when you arrive for your shift, please check in at the raffle table and get a nametag. If you are working during sale hours, please try to wear a red shirt.

Saturday, April 4th
to add your name to the volunteer list please email us at with your desired timeslot and we'll add your name

Jenni George to supply b-fast burritos for volunteers & Sell to shoppers
1. Ginny Wendt
2. Sarah Martinez
3. Katie Cravens
1. Marianne Cravens
2. Chandler Bullard
3. (guy to help load things in people's cars and roam, reorganize)
Raffle Table
Cindy Siebert/Laura Sullivan to rotate Raffle Table/oversee event (adoptive moms!)

Sign Holder on Drake (attract shoppers on the street) (8:30-11:30am)


Cashier/help with breakdown
1. Celia LaVasseur
2. Kathy Lovely

Roamer/Re-organizing/help with breakdown
1. Phyllis Mortensen
2. Bud Hunt (+help load items into shoppers cars if needed)
Raffle Table
1. Jenni George

Sign Holder on Drake (11:30-1:30 pm)
1. Chandler Bullard

Break Down Crew
1. Travis Franklin
2. Kurt Friesen
3. James Wade
4. Reynolds Small group member
5. Reynolds Small group member
6. Reynolds Small group member
7. Reynolds Small group member
8. Reynolds Small group member
9. Bud Hunt
10. Lyndsey Lewis
More is ok

All Volunteers-
when you arrive for your shift, please check in at the raffle table and get a nametag. If you are working during sale hours, please try to wear a red shirt.

Do You Need Babysitting? KidsTown is graciously donating babysitting for anyone that helps out on Saturday!! Please email to sign your children up below to reserve their spot ASAP. You can drop your child off ½ hour before your shift begins and pick up ½ hour after it ends. KidsTown opens at 9am on Saturday, so please keep that in mind when signing up. KidsTown is liscensed and owned by a christian woman I trust. I met her through Mops. Kids Love this place!

Kids Town Babysitting for Saturday

Child Name Parent Name Drop off and Pick up Times

How To Donate Items to Sell

In order to make this event a HUGE success, we need LOTS of donations. Spring is in the air so do your spring cleaning! We so appreciate your donations of items. When deciding what to donate, please consider donating DESIRABLE, not junky items. Please make sure clothing is not soiled, ripped, holey, etc… and that items are in working order. ;)

You may ask, “can I price my own items?” YOU BET!! That would actually be quite helpful. Feel free to price all of your items or just a few. It is not mandatory to price anything however. When pricing, just remember garage sale prices. No need to price clothing unless you are packaging a complete outfit or donating coats.

Suggested Items to donate

Baby Items (clothing, toys, books, baby gear, etc.)
Children’s toys, games, and clothing.
Sporting Goods
Desirable household items
Adult clothing (not too outdated and no holes please ;)
Anything else you feel someone would want to buy!

Drop Off Times
Please save your items and drop them off at the location below.

Thursday, April 2nd from 4:30-9pm at Summitview- Park on the west side of the building where the pull through driveway is. Go through the west gym doors and leave items in the Coffee shop. Someone will be there to assist. Please do not use any other door leading to gym as AWANA will be going on that evening.

Friday, April 3rd from 7:15am-3pm-bring items directly to the gym (sale starts at 5, so the earlier the better)

If you are unable to deliver your items, let us know as soon as you can. We will have a small crew out on Thursday, April 2nd in the evening to do limited pickups. SORRY WE CANNOT SCHEDULE ANYMORE PICKUPS-WE ARE BOOKED!!!

Cash Donations:
We are accepting cash donations to help cover costs of advertising, printing posters and other supplies needed for the event. If there are additional funds, they may be used to purchase items for the raffle or added to funds raised!! Cash donations are very appreciated. No amount is too little! Email if you would like to help in this way.

Donations for Raffle

We will also sell raffle tickets for fabulous prizes!! Last time we had awesome prizes such as piano lessons, massage, melting pot gift certificate, music class gift certificate, manicures, haircut, and more. Do you have a service, item, gift basket or gift certificate you can donate? Please email if you have something to donate for the raffle. This is also a great way to advertise your business. Feel free to leave flyers or business cards. ;)

Please Help Feed our Volunteers!!
We want to feed our awesome volunteers!! Here is a detailed list of what we need. if you can help.
Plates napkins and cups for whole weekend (several people bring what they have)
Drinks for the whole weekend (water, sodas, lemonade etc) Hunts/Mikellsens
Dinner for 6 guys on Thursday night (5:15 pm) Jaime Hatter
Goodies for volunteers on Friday am (12 ppl) Shelley Deakins
Lunch on Friday for volunteers (20 ppl at noon ) 2 Emty Nesters teams (smith)
Dinner on Friday for volunteers (10 ppl around 6pm) Campbell/Gaudy Team
bfast for Saturday am (Genni George)
Coffee for Sat AM (10 ppl at 7am)
Lunch on Sat for volunteers (10 ppl at noon) Marci Conradson
Snack for breakdown crew, like cookies (10 ppl at 2pm) Phyllis Mortensen

I Live Out of Town and Want To Help

Out of town friends and family can help by either sending a gift card for a restaurant or other store, send a gift basket, or any item to be added to the raffle drawing. Cash donations will also be accepted. We will need cash donations to help pay for advertising, printing color posters (that get's expensive) and all materials we need to purchase for this event. Any left over funds will be added to the fund. If you would rather your cash donation go to the specific family involved, contact them directly. To donate, use the "DONATE" button on the sidebar.
Raffle Items
$1 Each
10 tickets for $8
20 tickets for $15

1. Lyndsey Lew Photography
Session fee, $150 print credit, mini photo book plus one free surprise.
$250 value

2. McMahon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

One month of lessons, three days a week.
$140 value

3. Shannon Brown Office and House Cleaning

3 hours of house cleaning
$66 value

4. The Piano Studio of Vanessa Felhauer
Summer Tuition (6 weeks) and materials
$125 value

5. Music Playgroup
1 spring, fall or winter session (5 or 6 weeks)
$40-$51 value

6. Music Playgroup

Music Party session or playgroup session for up to
12 children at your location.
$50 value

7. Catalyst Coffee

Gift basket

8. Two Pairs Nail Spa
$30 gift certificate
$ 30 value

9. Girlfriends Day Out Package for 3
Package for you and 2 girlfriends.
Each “girlfriend” will receive a facial by Merle Norman AND will be able to pick 1 service by Two Pairs Nail Spa (choices include: chair massage, eyebrow wax, punctual mani
or $10 off any service.)

10. Girly Gift Set #1

Pick your favorite service by Two Pairs Nail Spa (chair massage, eyebrow wax, punctual mani or $10 off any service) AND handmade “Family” recycled magnetic locket by Polarity on etsy.
$ 31.00 value

11. Girly Gift Set #2
Pick your favorite service by Two Pairs Nail Spa (chair massage, eyebrow wax, punctual mani or $10 off any service) AND handmade paisley earrings by Fanatical on etsy.

12.The Personal Touch (Heather Harrington, certified massage therapist)
1 therapeutic massage
$50 value

13. The Cupboard
7 piece hardwood salad bowl set (1 lg, 4 salad, and pair of salad tongs)
$79.99 value

14. The Cupboard
7 piece hardwood salad bowl set (1 lg, 4 salad, and pair of salad tongs)
$79.99 value

15. Capture Scrapbook Store
5 hours of reserved space in workroom for 2 people or 2 Free Scrap Nights plus various scrapbook supplies to help start your project
$40 value

16. Gelazzi Night Out
Gelato Evening for Two (2 Gelatinis or Large Gelato Cups AND 2 Large Espresso Drinks or Large Hot Chocolates)
$28 value

17. Raga Muffin Totes
1 handmade tote AND handmade pocketbook
$42 value

18. Raga Muffin Totes
$25 gift certificate PLUS handmade pocketbook
$40 value

19.Uproar on Etsy

$15 Gift Certificate to purchase adorable handmade infant/child hats
$15 value

20. C&S Workshop
1 haircut by Shauna Troxell

21. Spa Package for HIM by Salon Giorgio
Men’s Haircut by Kelly AND Foot Ion Detox
$50 value

22. 1 Hr Facial by Salon Giorgio

$65 value

23. Spa Package for HER by Salon Giorgio
Spa manicure AND 5 tanning sessions
$43 value
24. Adella Perez’s Shop on Etsy
ADORABLE “Cherries” Children’s purse
$15 value

25.Video Games Live
Symphony Night Out for 4- April 19th, 2009

An immense concert featuring music from the best video games of all time @ Budweiser Event Center
$148 value

26. Colorado Ice Football Tickets
Family 4 Pack # 1
4 tickets
May 2nd @ Budweiser Event Center
$72 value
27. Colorado Ice Football Tickets
Family 4 Pack #2
4 tickets
June 6th @ Budweiser Event Center
$72 value
28. Harmony Kids Gift Set
New Fisher Price Fingerpaint Toy PLUS $10 gift certificate
$45 value
29. Liberty Tax-The Procrastinator's Dream Come true!
Free Tax Return
value ranges

How Do I Get Tickets Online?

On sidebar click “donate.”

Enter $ amount for tickets and include a note stating which items/services you want raffles tickets for. Please include your first, last name, phone and email.

We will enter you in the drawings of your choice. Drawing will take place at 3pm on Saturday, April 4th at 3pm. Online purchases will end on Saturday, April 4th at 2pm. For those that can attend the sale, tickets will be available at the sale.


I am donating $15 for 20 tickets. I would like 5 tickets for Lyndsey Lew Photography, 5 tickets for Salon Giorgio package for HIM , 2 tickets for Music Playgroup party session, 1 ticket for gift certificate for Uproar on etsy, etc. My name is John Brown and I am including my phone number, and email address.