Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Garage Sale was a HUGE Success!!

We Prayed for a family that needed assistance with adoption fees and found the SWEET Sullivans! We prayed for enough volunteers and we ended up being very organized and READY when the sale started. We even had a sweet, older lady RAVE about the setup of the sale. she said it was the best one she had ever been to. We prayed for NO blizzard (it was predicted) and it did snow, but not bad and the roads were COMPLETELY clear! We prayed for ALOT of shoppers and Friday was BUSY practically all night and Saturday remained steady throughout the day. There is something else we prayed for, it's at the end. ;)

We would like to send a heartfelt thankyou to everyone involved!! We asked for ALOT of volunteers and got them. Everyone came, ready to serve, dug right in and did a fabulous job. We had volunteers, standing on the street in the snow holding a sign, some volunteers had 4 kids in tow during their DOUBLE shift, volunteers were folding cloths till their fingers went numb (ok I might be exaggerating there), some set up the beautiful raffle table, others took the money, hey that's important, hehehe, we had a great crew come and help us clean up EVERYTHING<>

Thankyou to all the business that donated the AWESOME raffle items. That really did help bump up or fundraising efforts BIG TIME! There were ALOT of tickets and well it just made the event more exciting too!

Thanks to everyone that donated food and drinks for our awesome volunteers!! We even got homecooked meals like sloppy joes and chicken chili with bread and brownies!! That was so sweet!! One friend even made about 75 bfast burritos to share with volunteers AND sell at the sale. The starbucks coffee REALLY hit the spot. YUM!

We couldn't have had the sale without ITEMS TO SELL!! We got SOOOO much GREAT stuff!! We had some BIG ticket items which really beefed up our efforts. We got a plasma TV-SOLD! Big screen HGTV-Sold! BIG hydraulic tool thingy which I have no idea what it does-SOLD! We had so much more like nice furniture, TONS of clothes, books, toys, baby gear, kitchen appliances, and SO much more. Thank you to everyone that took the time to go through your stuff and donate to our cause!! We even received flat donations, what a blessing. Thank you to all that did that. ;)

Lastly, we prayed for an amount we wanted to raise at the garage sale. We wanted it to be MORE than previous sales (which also did well.) and we wanted the Sullivans to raise the amount they needed to get their homestudy started. Of course we wanted a good chunk to add to our own fundraising needs and we are getting closer to our final goal. ;) We never even discussed a goal amount with them but it turned out we were praying for the same amount of $5000! We actually raised just over that!! We are completely overwhelmed by God's goodness! HE REALLY does provide and blesses adoption.

Thank you all for reading, signing off here for a while. Need to relax for a bit now!!! Sorry if this isn't written very well, I am still kinda out of it but I know you all wanted to know how it went. ;)